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FUCK CANCER       5/9/2016

Hello Everyone What's up?

This is Deb from Hatchet Tv and this is my first blog.
Hatchet Tv is going to be starting a new blog section.
I think I will be the first one. 

So here I go, and Im sorry if I bore any of you. I really never told my full story about the Big C like everyone likes to call it. We just went out and said I had it. 

In 2011 during a time when Hatchet Tv was pretty big and we were always busy dealing with Hatchet Tv stuff and RCW stuff (a local 
wrestling company here in San Antonio). My brother called me and told me to meet him at my parents house, we needed to talk. So getting to my parents house I find out my dad has cancer. Being a very spoiled daddy's girl my world was flipped upside down. We had already lost my grandfather to cancer. His was pretty fast and this was my dads dad.

I never thought I would ever hear that either my parents or family members had cancer. But it was beginning. 
So my dad had his surgery and we think everything is all good but nope. The Dr missed some of it and it came back and he has to do chemo.
My dad would wake up and be at the hospital by 7am every week and get his chemo 
and then go straight to work. Finally the Dr tells him he is cancer free. 
Fast forward to 2013, everything is good with all of us. I had been feeling sick but I have always had girl health problems along with migraines. I still remember like it was yesterday,this time I was feeling weaker and weaker but never went to the Dr. Kept telling myself I was OK. My dads Dr invited him to do his first Cancer Survivor walk and he was gonna be one of the special guests. I got to see my dad be up in front with other survivors and I was so proud of him. He had been through so much.

Cancer was now behind us. 

Not only did we get to see my dad walk,it was my moms birthday. Weekend finished and Monday comes 09-30-2013, I go to work and I feel different. Josh ends up taking me to the hospital right after work. My chest hurt and I felt very weak. I get called to the back after they take my blood and ekg.

Dr comes in and says I'm being admitted. Apparently I was feeling weak and tired cause I didn't have enough blood. I needed to get a blood transfusion (3 Bags). One of the scariest things 
I had ever been through. 

So I'm in the hospital for a whole week getting test after test and the following week the Dr says they're gonna do some more test and procedures but he thinks I'm fine he just wants to make sure.
Following week go back for more tests By this time I'm so tired of doctors and hoping this will be the last of it.
So Oct. 18, 2013 I go to the Dr for my follow up. Walk in with my mom and wait. My Dr walks in and asks how I'm feeling. At this time nothing really changed, still felt tired and I was still cramping like I had been but I didn't think anything of it. Other then the norm I felt pretty good after the blood transfusion. The Dr sits down right in front of me and says 

"I wanted to see you today cause we got your test results back and they're not good. It shows you are stage 1 carcinoma blah blah" 

Well I heard him say blah blah blah. Then he said it was Uterine Cancer.
 "Good thing is we caught it really early and with surgery you will be fine" "Bad thing is you will need a hysterectomy 
and will not be able to have kids"

At this time I didn't hear anything he said. The room felt small and I felt like I was being smothered. I couldn't breathe and my chest hurt. I think I was having an anxiety attack. My mom spoke with him and I just stared at the wall. I had never felt like that before. And to this day, I have never explained to anyone how I 
felt that day until now. At this time Josh and I were trying to have a baby so hearing that I had cancer and I needed surgery 
and after that surgery I wasn't going to be able to have kids, I felt like there was a big boulder on my chest preventing me 
from standing. 

My Dr saw that I was in shock. He told me go home talk to your husband and decide if you want to have the surgery or go through chemo. call me back on Monday with your decision. I walk out of the doctors and call Josh and I tell him the Dr says I have cancer. he tells me I'm heading home. 

The ride home with my mom was worse.She couldn't stop crying and I was trying to be strong for her. I kept telling her I was gonna be OK and that I was gonna be like my dad and that one day we were both gonna walk next to each other as cancer survivors. My mom just hugged me so tight.
Then it was like my dad knew we were talking about him cause he called my mom. He wanted to know what the Dr told me so my mom told
him over the phone. At this time Josh gets home and I didn't want to leave my mom cause I think now she was taking it worse then 
I was. But I wanted to run to Josh and hug him. I went home and we talked and we both decided it was better to have the surgery
asap and get rid of it while it was still early. He told me if we wanted to we can try to adopt later on. I called my Dr and
said "OK lets do this". Fuck Cancer... and the fight began.

I didn't know where this was gonna take us but I knew I wasn't gonna 
give up. I wasn't gonna let Cancer beat me. The next couple weeks were pretty hard, mostly cause I was fighting with the insurance.
They didn't want to do the surgery said I didn't have cancer long enough. whatever the fuck that means. 

Slowly I started telling my family and friends about it and the texts and comments on Facebook were amazing. I even had a prayer quilt sent to me from two amazing friends of ours. 

The thoughts and prayers from everyone just kept me getting stronger and stronger. the long talks with different friends helped me so much. I was OK until the night before surgery. When one of my best friends came over with a chocolate cake that said Team Deb. Then it hit me and hit me hard. 
The next morning Dec. 4th 2013 I arrived at the hospital and went through the speech about everything is gonna be OK and I'm in 
good hands. Next thing I remember waking up and seeing Josh, my parents, my in-laws and everyone looked scared. Apparently 
in the middle of surgery I woke up and they had to give me more anesthesia, and when it was time for me to wake up they were 
having a hard time waking me up and didn't know when or if I was gonna wake up.

I remember waking up in my room and everyone was in there. Through out the whole day I was in and out of sleep. The following week I go back for my follow up and the Dr doesn't have my results yet and tells me everything looks good though and to call him on Wednesday. 

That Wednesday I call him and he tells me "Debra the cancer was worse then I thought but I got everything and you are now CANCER FREE"  I told him Thank you and hung up the phone and cried for 5 minutes straight. Then I called Josh and said I'm Cancer Free babe. We talked for awhile and then hung up. 
Christmas is my favorite holiday and I was getting sad cause My parents didn't want to celebrate Christmas cause of everything going on.
I went over to my moms and told her Mom I talked to the Dr and he said I'm cancer Free now he got all of it!! She hugged me so tight 
and said that is the best Christmas gift I have ever gotten. It was so awesome to hear those words. I called everyone and told them.
So Fast forward to this year... since then I've been good except this past year we had another scare. 

I had a mass found in my neck and my Dr got worried. I went through so many tests and Dr visits again. One Dr visit and he tells me everything is good and I don't need to see until 3 months. On the way home the nurse calls me and says radiologist called and they missed something and need to do a biopsy asap.

Our part was gonna be $1,100 out of pocket and we were $300 short. We didn't want to but we made a go fund me and raised $600 in 3 hours.

I cried and cried. the following week I had my biopsy done and got my results back that its not cancer but I need to keep getting checked every 6 months now. I'm 2 years 5 months Cancer free and My dad is 3 years Cancer Free. This is our 2nd year doing American Cancer Society Relay for life. That will be what my 2nd blog will be about. 

On 4-30-16 My dad and I walked our first survivor lap together holding hands like I told my mom we would do one day. I promised her that and I kept my promise. Today 5-4-16, Josh, my dad, and myself sat in a hospital waiting room while my mom had a procedure done to see if she has cancer. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks we get the results and they come back negative. 

I'm tired of Cancer and I don't want to go down this road again. So everyone reading this, listen to your bodies and get checked. Too many people are being diagnosed with it.

Well thank you for reading my first blog and until next time .... 


Debra  5/9/2016


Written by my friend Dorein back in 2007. entitled Hip Pop.

Travel. I am fortunate enough to have a job that afforded me the opportunity to do this.
I have been coast to coast as well as north to south. Along my travels I saw one common denominator among my people. Music. Our beloved Hip Hop. It doesn't matter where you are in this country, the same ten hottest songs will be bumping on the airwaves.
This same music is leading to the downfall of our people. Flashback. Late 80's. Yes I'm old school. A lot of the music that was played raised the conscious amongst our people. From Public Enemy to KRS-One, these pioneers said and stood for something when the grabbed the mic. Fast forward to 2007. What the hell is going on? From the shoot them up bang bang to the bling bling my rims are bigger than yours. What happened to the music?

Continued from first page----;Again the dumbing down of our society. Hip Pop, R&B or whatever they call it now is nothing but pop music. Turn on the radio and what do you hear. Some dude speaking about what he got, how his is bigger than yours and how many b****** he can get or got. Wow. Now look whose listening to it. The youth.
The poisoning begins at an early age. This might as well be black on black crime. The dumbing down continues. Ask any high schooler what the last book they read. They don't know.
But I bet they know all the lyrics to Little Wayne. I'm not killing all of Hip Pop some of it is cute. Half the time us as adults get caught up in the beats rather than listening to the lyrics. Remember go shorty its your birthday. What was 50 cent talking about in that song?
Now what can we do about it? Who can we hold responsible? The record companies.
I don't think they will go for that. With 7 out of 10 songs on the billboard top ten Hip Pop and R&B related I don't think they going let that money get away.
Can we go to the artist? This might work but how many of them are willing to lose there street cred in order to uplift our people. I believe it will take one hot artist that is out right now and one super producer. Timbaland do you hear me. I think if they buck the trend and show you can still make money and uplift our people at the time the other artists will jump on the bandwagon and do the same.
Hip Pop is filled with followers. We just need someone to lead.........................

-Big D 2007