May 18, 2016

Kb's poetry Korner

If I had a love like yours
If i had a love like yours i would listen. With patience and understanding.
If i had a love like yours i would speak. With admiration, passion and heart in every sentence.
If i had a love like yours i would spend time. For every second is meaningful.
If i had a love like yours i would love. With every fiber of my being because if it only comes once and if you lose it, you can NEVER get it back. ~Kb

May 9, 2016

New HTV Blog from Debra

Deb has our first blog update in a LONG time over on the HTV BLOG PAGE it's titled

April 24, 2016

Photos from Ghost in El Paso 4/22/2016

April 22nd, 2016
El Paso Tx, Tricky Falls
Photo pass via Children Of Ghost website Instagram twitter

December 24, 2015

Two Awesome Star Wars Christmas Commercials

This is one to get your happy allergies going a little bit

and here's one in English that is a little dark coming from Toys-R-Us

December 13, 2015 Live Stream 12-12-15

Christmas Card support for Princess Safyre

Latest News

Princess Safyre Needs the Support of the Juggalo Family!

You've probably already seen this news story about the little girl who survived an apartment fire in New York. But did you know that her daddy--who laid down his life protecting her from the flames--was a Juggalo?? All Princess Safyre wants for Christmas after her unspeakable loss is Christmas cards. We'll definitely be sending her a Christmas cards, some extra flavor and encourage the rest of our Juggalo brothers and sister to send Safyre some Juggalos holiday love via Christmas cards, so she knows that no matter what, she has a family all over the world who will be there for her should she ever need us. We love you, Safyre! 
Send Christmas cards to:
Princess Safyre
P.O. Box 6126
Schenectady NY 12306
When Violent J heard about Safyre's story while on the RassleRap Charity Festival Tour, he was deeply moved sent Safyre not only a card, but toys, Visa gift cards, 2 ICP blankets, toys, and an autographed ICP flat (since Shaggy couldn't sign the card due to not being on the tour from having back surgery). TMZ heard about the story about did a dope story about it:
Here's a pic of Violent J getting ready to send Safyre her card as well as images of the card itself

 Violent J.card drawing
Violent J.card

X-MEN: APOCALYPSE | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX