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The Dark Knight Rises (SPOILERS). Don't read any further if you don't want to know!!!!!! You have been Warned. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

The main issue with TDKR is that they tried to be "EPIC-ER" than TDK. They made the movie longer, they added more extras, they made the explosion bigger, BUT they still didn't reach the EPICNESS of The Dark Knight.


  • Yes he is better than the 1997 Batman And Robin Bane ,
    That's not really saying much. I knew bullies in elementary that were better than any Joel Schumacher villain.
  • His voice was CRAP. I know they re A.D.R'd his voice but it was worse than Watching Friday on the USA net work with the "That's why I'm like FREAK Hector".


  • They show her too much, They make her too nice. By doing this it's obvious that she will turn on Bruce. I mean they never show off one of Bruce's BANG CHICKS this much. Plus she aint even close to being hot.
  • Her death scene was the drizzling shits. I think she failed shitty acting 101.
  • He was AWESOME. That is all.
  • He has to be the dumbest cop in all of Gotham. EVERY one in this movie knows Batman is Bruce Wayne except him.
  • Gary Oldman does a great job acting wise, but the character is a little slow.
  • The Blake role was the best add in to the movie I have no problem with him taking over as Batman IF they do that. 
  • He was not that cheesy until the lady at the end says "You should use your first name. I like it.... Robin" BLAH!!!!
  • She was not bad.
  • It was obvious she was not going to leave Bats and the city behind in her moral quandary situation during the main battle. 
  • I liked that they never called her "Catwoman"
Morgan Freeman:
  • He's Morgan Freeman he can do no wrong in the make believe movie world.

Over all it was a good movie. They problem Warner Brothers faced was that TDK was such a great movie they shot themselves in the foot trying to compete with themselves. If they left Bruce dead at the end the movie would have been better. Robin finding the cave and carrying on the cowl would have been awesome as well, BUT Bruce and Catwoman at the bistro all being the happy tourists just ruins that. Augh I hate typing I need my own personal Alfred servant. That was the best part of the movie. Alfred telling the truth that he burned the letter from Rachel and Bruce getting all SHE DUMPED ME? mad, and firing Alfred. Then when Lucian shows up and Bruce has to answer his own door.........

I give The Dark Knight Rises a 7 out of 10

Thanks for reading till the next movie I am let down by,

Josh (BD)

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